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Business Litigation & Disputes

Litigation can be expensive and time-consuming, and a good attorney will tell you that litigation can and should be avoided.  However, sometimes litigation cannot be avoided, and unfortunately, chances are very high that you and/or your business may be involved in some way in a lawsuit during the course of the lifetime of your business.

If you're reading these words, it's a good chance that you may already be in a lawsuit, on one side or the other.  There are many moving parts that go into being successful in a lawsuit, and it's difficult to come out of a lawsuit unscathed.  At Liberty Legal Solutions, LLC, our attorney Jonathan Krems is an experienced business litigation attorney who has the skill set and experience necessary to ensure that whatever type of lawsuit you and your business are facing, the result will be in your favor.  

As an experienced business litigation attorney, Jonathan Krems can assist your business with a wide variety of lawsuits, including breach of contract disputes, injunctions, breach of fiduciary duty disputes, business property damage claims, commercial claims, collections, and the domestication and enforcement of judgments in Oklahoma.

Time is of the essence in any lawsuit, especially if you or your business has been sued, so the earlier you speak with a business litigation attorney, the better for you, your business, and your case.  

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