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Happy Thanksgiving 2023

Posted by Jonathan Krems | Nov 21, 2023 | 0 Comments

Well, once again, this week is Thanksgiving, and the Freedom Friday blog and email newsletter is coming out this year a little early, wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving!  As always, I want to spend a few minutes talking about what I am thankful for this year, as 2023 has been an amazing year of growth and opportunity for my law firm, Liberty Legal Solutions, LLC.

Liberty Legal Solutions, LLC, is a law firm that focuses on helping individuals and small business owners build, protect, and defend their business and personal interests in Oklahoma.  That's our mission.  Someone recently asked me what kind of business law I practice, and I said I do everything business related, except for securities, M&A, and IP.  That's a lot of work, and a lot of clients, and I'm thankful for it all.

First and foremost, I am thankful for all my clients this year.  Looking back, my firm has accepted MANY new clients this year, including our largest current client.  I serve all sorts of clients, not just here in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area, but in OKC, eastern Oklahoma, southern Oklahoma, and even in some parts of western Oklahoma.  Most of my clients also receive the email newsletter.  If you're reading this, and you're a client, I'm thankful for your business.  If you're not a client, and you're reading this, I'm thankful for you as well.  Many of my clients come from referrals, and I'm thankful for those that refer clients and help bring business into the firm.

I am also thankful for the growth and opportunities that Liberty Legal Solutions, LLC, has experienced this year.  Whether it is assisting a client forming a new business, assisting a client with receivables and/or collections issues, helping a client end a business relationship (yes, this does happen), helping a client preserve property, or one of the many other projects I've focused on this year, I'm thankful for the opportunity to serve my clients this year in whatever endeavors are set before us.

Most importantly, I'm thankful for God's provision again this year, and His favor and faithfulness, because He's the One who is ultimately responsible for the growth and the increase.  2023 has been a year of growth and opportunity for the firm like never before.  2022 was a year of transition, yet growth and opportunity, as well.  In May 2022, my family moved to the Tulsa metro, as did the firm.  Since the move to Tulsa, the firm has just taken off and grown in an amazing way.  So many opportunities for growth have opened up in just the last year and a half, and I expect nothing but for that trend to continue well into 2024.  I am thankful and excited for the future that God has for us in the new year because the best is yet to come.  In 2024, Liberty Legal Solutions, LLC, will continue to represent our clients in Tulsa, Oklahoma and beyond in helping them build, protect, and defend their business and personal interests.

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